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It is since my first arrival in China as a stable resident that I receive a lot of annoying phone calls from “stock brokers” that try to sell me stocks of this and that company (so far I have been proposed IT, Blackberry software suppliers, gold mines, chemicals…).
The thing usually works like this :
a woman with a strong filipino accent calls, introduces herself with a Japanese or an English name, tells me she is calling either from Korea or japan and asks for confirmation of my address and email, which she already has somehow (who the fsck gave u?).
Then she tells me that their company is providing “investment consultancy” and says that they will send me an informative coupon quickly. By this time I usually have already told her a couple of times that I am not interested in buying any stock or in any financial operation. She then always tells me that the pamphlet they are going to send me is just informative and a senior stock broker will call me in the following days.
After a few days, as promised some guy with a very, very, very strong British accent calls me and start proposing me to invest sums varying from 20.000 to 40.000$/EUR (20 to 40k of MY MONEY !) in the stocks of some company nobody has ever heard about stating that they had internal sources informing that this company is going to sign a huge deal in the next few days.
I normally interrupt them politely (well, I try to…) when they ask me to check the stock value of the company they try to sell me on yahoo finance or Bloomberg. I usually tell them I don’t really care about stocks and I would not change my opinion.
So far only one of them has given up bothering me after I mentioned this, the others keep on insisting that I would earn a lot of money (sometimes several times the sum I have invested), and insisting, insisting, insisting.
The most commonly used way to insist are (in ascending order from the most stupid to the one that pisses me off the most) :

  1. this is a very good deal, otherwise I would not propose it to you ! (of course it is a good deal…for you)
  2. this is one-in-a-lifetime occasion (sure, since you are not going to contact me later and just run away with the money !)
  3. I do understand you might be reluctant to do business with somebody on the phone (wow ! You do understand that ? And you still keep on trying on convincing me to do it ?)
  4. at the end, making money is the only reason we wake up everyday for, right ? (wrong. I also wake up when I need to pee….)
  5. Of course there is no obligation, we are telling you on a purely informative basis..(…and you are insisting on a purely pissing-me-off purpose too ?)
  6. I can hear you are the conservative kind of person, right ?(no, I am the “don’t try to fool me like I am a dumbass” kind of person…)
  7. I believe this investment would make you one of my long term customers (I believe you are joking…)
  8. you have to understand this, sir. I am payed on a profit basis, so your risk would be my risk as well (yeah, sure…but the money is mine only, not yours !!)
  9. I believe you know what are the advantages for expatriates investing in stocks abroad (yes: none at the moment. At least in the amount you are proposing me and with the timing you propose me (a week or month long investment ? Please…) But I do know something : that it would be harder to prosecute YOU for scamming if you are fooling people living in a country that is not the same you are living~!)
  10. (putting a strong accent in the phrase, like he wants to underline it) come on sir, do you see what we can see ? (oh, wtf, wtf WTF !!!)

The last line is particularly annoying. I mean, really ? “Do you see what we can see” ? Like I would be such a moron not to jump instantly in your great shiny golden richness-promising LIE ? Oh, please.
First : most of those scammers are quite stupid, to me. They introduce themselves so proudly saying that they work for this or that investment company. A quick look at the unauthorised firms doing this kind of business list published by the FSA (U.K. Financial services authority) is enough for me to find out that 100% of the companies that want to sell me stocks are long time guests of this list (Shaw Capital Management – Korea, Fisher Capital, Blackstone Securities….I am talking to you !)

Second : honestly….do you really think that I would give away 20 to 40k EURO to somebody who just called me by the phone ??

Third : from what I see here these scams are quite common with foreigners living in Asia… any proof you can provide you are not scamming me ? (out of curiosity : why so many of you scammers are British ?)

Yet, as far as I see a lot of people get scammed this way.
It is hard for me to understand why : all it took to me to avoid this so far (and it has been 5 years already!) is some common sense, a bit of prudence, and a quick look at the Internet. (yeah…my natural aversion towards financial markets helped a lot in this..)

So my conclusion is : if these people still can operate means that somebody actually gave them their money –> if somebody gave them their money means that they didn’t even try enough to get clear info on what they were investing in and who they were giving their money to –> since the sums these “brokers” ask for are quite large it means they target rather wealthy people –> wealthy people usually don’t have lot of problem accessing internet –> still they don’t research info on what they are investing on and who is going to get their money –> what do those people use internet for ?

Oh, no. You don’t need to answer that, I already know it : porn and videogames.
Well, it’s Darwinian : the less stupid survives.

Hallelujah !

Exactly when I thought that after the end of the last season of the Big Bang Theory I would have had no tv show to distract me until September…..

I missed u, Bender !
Thanks for keeping my brain away from more important things !

Cracking PSP 3000 slim with 6.20 firmware

ALERT : I have to advise you that downloading games illegally is a break of copyright law and is punished by law in most countries of the world. I encourage

ALERT 2 : I am writing short sentences and simple english to allow this post to be read and translated easily also using online translating engines (such as google translate).

I received a psp game for Christmas from one of my brother. The umd disk requested me to upgrade my firmware from the custom c5.03 I had before to the almost brand new 6.20 firmware. This firmware does not support in any way reading game .iso or .cso from your sd card so all of my games were lost for a while.
Re-cracking with my old CFW enabler proved of no use.

So I had to find an alernative way : luckily I found a way to enable reading from SD cards also on the 6.20 firmware.

download the files you find here and follow the instructions.

Basically you just have to cop and extract the files in the root folder of your PSP card and copy the game demo and the saved data in the GAME folder, then load a game as you would do normally and press the R button.
You might need to use a software like this one to load the isos of your games.

It is worth to be noticed that there are few nice games and roms that can be used with this hack too : some of them are mentioned here



Leslie Nielsen (11th Feb 1926 – 28th Nov 2010)
your jokes and movies made me cheer up more than once. Your humor was tons of times better than most of nowadays vulgar fart-based comedies.
You will be missed.

…strani deja’-vu

ma tu guarda che strano….

  • Il crucco Schulz viene apostrofato come Nazi per la seconda volta nel parlamento europeo… ammetto che il fatto che l’insultante sia un membro dell’estrema destra britannica rende la cosa un tantino grottesca ma… non e’ che in fondo in fondo il suddetto crucco se le tira dietro, le parole ? E poi, come mai in Italia non se ne parla ? (Articolo minuscolo sul corriere e stop)
  • Montezemolo dichiara : “E’ tempo di scendere in campo per il bene dell’Italia…. ma questo non lo disse gia’ un noto imprenditore Lombardo nel 1994 ?

QQ on Ubuntu linux

So I finally have been able to use QQ on Ubuntu.
I so hate this stupid IM (looks more like a child’s toy to me) but several customers and suppliers use it for communication here in China so I guess I cannot do otherwise.

Actually the procedure is quite easy and I cannot understand why the “How-to” I have found on the internet are all overly complicated and require a lot of time. I suppose many people find out that since QQ has to basically be opened under WINE then it can be of some trouble to input chinese in WINE apps and so on.

Strangely enough, this is also a very easy problem to solve.

So : first step is grabbing a copy of WineQQ (there is a pre-packaged .deb version here).

Then it is necessary to set up things for you to be able to write chinese.
Click on System –> Administration –> Language support , then choose “Install/Remove languages” in the list find out the chinese version you want to use, either “Chinese (Simplified)” or “Chinese (Traditional)”, then click on “Apply changes”.

It will take you around 20 minutes to download the whole thing on a standard DSL connection.

Once it has finished downloading check on that very same page “Keyboard input method system” and choose “ibus“.

Now to finish : go back where you have downloaded your wineqq version and install it by double clicking on the file or, if you prefer, open a terminal and type “sudo dpkg -i wine-qq_yourversion.deb

reboot your computer.

you should find a small keyboard icon right next to your connection and volume manager icons on the right side of the top screen panel.
Wine QQ should appear on your Menu. Under Applications –> Internet.

Now tell me why people keep on wanting to complicate their own life ???



How do I know you are gay ?

….from your phone.

La verita’ che ricordavo…..

Sento di avere una milza nel cervello
la mia vita è un po’ più facile
ma è finta
e non è bello
come quando ero bambino
come quando ero sereno

sono sano cosi?
è così ch’esser sani?
sono sano cosi?
è così ch’esser sani?
sono così

spiego ai miei sogni
il concetto di onestà
a loro che si son trasformati
in una professione adatta
voglio la verità che ricordavo
perchè questa è troppo brutta

sono sano cosi?
è così ch’esser sani?
sono sano cosi?
è così ch’esser sani?
sono così

e il sole sale sopra il continente del male
sopra il quale sto crescendo, migliorando
e dove fingo
di non essermene accorto
che non sto vivendo
sono morto

sono sano cosi?
è così ch’esser sani?
sono sano cosi?
è così ch’esser sani?
sono così

voglio la verità che ricordavo…



Sono stato cosi’.
E cosi’ che sono i sogni ?

why… ?

if the king of Sweden goes with bitches nobody makes a voice but if the italian prime minister does it is on the first pages of most foreign newspapers ?

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